How to compress a jpeg on mac?

Are you having trouble storing your enormous JPEG files in a small amount of space? You can easily compress your JPEGs to conserve space without significantly sacrificing image quality, so don't worry. Here's how to compress a JPEG file on MAC.

How to compress a jpeg on mac?

Step 1: First, launch your JPEG in Preview.

The Preview app on your Mac is a fantastic tool for compressing JPEG files. Empty your JPEG file in Preview to get started. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on the file, choosing "Open With," and then" Preview. "

Step 2: Modify the settings for compression.

Go to the "File" menu in Preview once your image is open and choose "Export." You may select your image's format, file name, and compression settings in the export window. Use the slider to change the compression level after choosing "JPEG" as the format. The file size decreases as the compression level increases, but the image quality already declines. Discover the ideal balance for your requirements.

Step 3: Spare the image you've compressed.

Click the "Save" button to save your compressed JPEG file after you've changed the compression settings. While the main file won't change, this may produce a new file with the name and format you specified.

Step 4: Verify the quality of the image.

Updating the image quality after compressing the JPEG to ensure it meets your needs is a good idea. In Preview, offer the stored image and contrast it with the original. You may remove the original file to save space if you're happy with the quality.  Implement a third-party app for batch compression in step five. Using Preview may be time-consuming if you have a lot of JPEG files you want to deform. Instead, consider using a third-party application like ImageOptim to sample and compress your JPEGs quickly. This app will automatically change the compression level for each image to find the ideal balance between quality and file size.


Finally, compressing JPEG files on your Mac is a quick and easy process that can help you conserve storage space. Check the image quality after compression to ensure it meets your needs, whether you decide to incorporate Preview or a third-party app like ImageOptim. You'll be able to condense your JPEG files quickly and easily with the help of these tips!