How to convert JPG to JPEG on Windows?

Are you attempting to make your JPG files on a Windows computer into JPEG? It's a quick and simple process, so don't care! How to do it is as follows:

How to convert JPG to JPEG on Windows?

Step 1: First, open the picture in Paint.

You'll need to use the Paint app, which is pre-installed on most Windows computers, to alter your JPG file to JPEG. Search for the Paint app in the Windows search bar to launch it.

Step 2: Saving the image as a JPEG in step two.

Available the JPG file you want to make by choosing "File" and then "Available" from the menu because Paint is available. Return to "File" once the file is open and choose "Save As." Give your new file a name and select "JPEG" as the file type in the Save As window. To save the original JPEG file, click "Conserve."

Step 3: Verify the quality of the image.

Updating the image quality after converting your JPG file to JPEG is a good idea to ensure it hasn't been hampered. Compare the different JPEG files to the main JPG file by opening it in an image viewer or editor. You might want to change the compression settings or try numerous conversion methods if the quality worsens.

Step 4: Used batch conversion software in step four.

Doing it one at a time may be time-consuming if you need to make many JPG files to JPEG. Therefore, think about utilizing batch conversion programs like XnConvert or IrfanView. You can save time and effort by using these programs to make multiple files simultaneously.

Step 5: Tools for conversion

Online conversion tools are another option for converting JPG files to JPEG. These tools are accessible from any device with an internet connection and are free and simple to implement. Some well-liked choices include Convertio and Online-Convert. Just make sure to pick a reliable website and become conscious of the file size restrictions.


In conclusion, using Paint or various tools, converting JPG files to JPEG on Windows is quick and simple. To make sure the image meets your needs, just be sure to check the quality after conversion. You can easily make your JPG files into JPEG using these suggestions!